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ExpandingInterreligiousHorizons1Dina Malki, a Muslim living in Texas, and Grayson Robertson, an evangelical Christian living in Virginia crossed paths at Hartford Seminary’s Religious Diversity Leaders’ Workshop in June of 2014.  Striking up a conversation on a bus ride back from a visit to a Hindu shrine in the Connecticut countryside, Dina and Grayson realized that they share similar views on the desired role and shape of interfaith dialogue in their lives and how they hoped to see interfaith dialogue influence the faithful around them.

Since that time, Dina and Grayson have remained in contact, trading ideas and thoughts on various subjects involving relations between Christian and Muslims.

The mission of this blog is to showcase an ongoing conversation between a Muslim and a Christian regarding topics that affect both faiths in the United States and elsewhere.  Its aim is to publicize thoughts, opinions, and research on interfaith issues with the ultimate goal of demonstrating that bridges to commonality between the two faiths do exist.  Feel free to join the conversation!

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