About Grayson

I am an evangelical Christian – a Southern Baptist to be precise – living just outside of our 1bd5ba5nation’s capital in Alexandria, VA.  I am married to a wonderful woman with whom I am raising twin daughters.  My family has a long history as members of the Southern Baptist tradition including my great grandfather and one of my great uncles, both being Southern Baptist pastors.

I developed an interest in Islam and its relationship to the West in general and Christianity specifically through experiences I had as a young man interning with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Vienna, Austria.  During my time in Vienna, I became good friends with several Muslim university students who were refugees from Iran during the Iran-Iraq War.

I hold a Master’s degree in International Affairs from American University and a Master’s degree in Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations from Georgetown University.  I have a particular interest in evangelical Christian theology and the impact it can have on our views of other faith traditions.  My thesis at Georgetown dealt with this subject and was fascinating, to me, to research and write.  I have also published on this subject in the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs and for Peace Catalyst International.

Dina and I met at a interfaith workshop at Hartford Seminary in June of 2014.  We found that we shared an interest in positive interfaith relations between Christian and Muslims.  We have stayed in touch since that time and I am honored to have an ongoing positive dialogue with someone that is as passionate about her faith as I am about mine.


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