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I am a Muslim American who has lived in the same zip code for almost 23 years. That being said, I travel nationally and internationally very frequently as I am pursuing my interest in interfaith relations. I am blessed to be married to a man who is extremely supportive to my pursuit of education and passion. My two kids (college son and high school senior daughter) are proud of their mother and they always tell me they won’t accept anything less than an A grade in any course! My family is my jewel!

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree from Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. My specialty is in Islamic Studies and Christian Muslim Relations. My thesis is about the theological narrative and the image of Ishmael in Judaism and Christianity.

I teach through continuing education programs classes on Islam at TCU in Texas. I speak and present Islam in different places and events, like at churches and synaguogues, seminars, conferences and interfaith retreats.

I am also a writer who focuses on Islam in America. I have covered Islam in Dallas at the examiner.com for three years. I am a contributing scholar at the Stateofformation.org.

My passion is religion which I believe is a source and tool of compassion. I respect religious tradition in Islam, but I also value academic scholarship in the field. My interpretation of Islam is one that supports peace, tolerance, and co-existence among people.

I have a special interest in the legacy of women in Islam. Yes! You read right, women in Islam have a legacy. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised when you read my thoughts on paper.

Grayson and I met at the Hartford Seminary during a workshop on religious diversity. We found that we shared in common our interests in the field of Christian-Muslim relations. Hence, we decided to build a bridge of communication that connects Christendom and Islamdom in America. Our hope is that our conversations will educate and inspire our readers.

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